March 16-18, 2025 | Boston, USA

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Western Edge Seafood
Lil’Haddies™ Battered Haddock Portions

Retail Product

Lil’Haddies™ are our signature lightly battered Atlantic Haddock portions that provide a clean-tasting, great bite of fish and an addictive crunch! They are par-cooked, so they can be air-fried, baked, or deep-fried! They are so good, even kids like them, so they’re a great way to introduce children into eating seafood. These delicious sea treats check all of the boxes with culinary versatility and customer satisfaction. Lil’Haddies™ is a premium battered fish option that is going to be the gold standard in its category! We are sampling them at SENA 2024 so come try them for yourself!

Contact: Shawn Cessna
[email protected] 

Phone:  1-724-228-6680
Booth#  1905

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