March 13-15, 2022 | Boston, USA

Featured Product Showcase

Have Your Products & Services Featured

Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America companies introducing their best products at the event regardless of the product’s introduction date. Featured products are designed to highlight and give an exhibitor the opportunity to promote their finest products to potential buyers.

Deadline to apply: Friday, February 11, 2022

Seafood Companies
Seafood Expo North America

Featured Product Showcase Application

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Equipment/Packaging/Service Companies
Seafood Processing North America

Featured Product Showcase Application

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Entry Process


  • All applicants must be exhibitors of Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America.
  • Your product DOES NOT have to be new within 18 months.
  • Products will not be eligible if entered in the previous year or listed in the Expo Program of previous year.
  • All entered products will be displayed in the special product showcase stand located in the exhibit hall during the entire duration of the exposition.
  • Products must be “market ready,” meaning that the manufacturer could take an order for them at the show.
  • Products must contain at least 30% saltwater or freshwater species of fish or shellfish, or sea vegetables to qualify for the competition. No products using reptiles, amphibians or mammals are allowed.
  • Products must be for human consumption.
  • Products should offer a relevant difference when compared to other products in the marketplace and offer clear benefits for the consumer and/or end-user. For example, an individual seafood species that has no additional consumer benefits or value-adding would be eliminated.
  • Manufacturers with innovative technologies may participate if their technology provides a significant benefit in a seafood product that is entered in the competition.
  • All entrants will be asked to supply samples/empty packaging of their product to be displayed in the booth, which will be located in the exhibit hall during the 3-day event.

  • All interested companies must complete an online entry application for each product they wish to enter. Incomplete entry forms will not be considered.
  • If products are not delivered on time, your showcase area may be offered to another company on the waiting list. NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Entry Fee: $575 per product.
  • Payment within 3-5 business days. NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Application deadline: Thursday, January 13, 2022. All materials must be received within 5 days of your application submission.

  • All entered products will be displayed in the Featured Product Showcase booth in the exhibit hall for the entire 3-day event.
  • A listing of all entered products will be sent to pre-registered Key Buyers 4 weeks before the Expo.
  • Featured product photo, company logo, product name and product description will be posted on the website before, during and after the event.
  • Featured Product Showcase will be promoted through the event marketing campaign to pre-registrants (including emails and social media).

Additional Information

All materials must be received within 5 days of your application submission. Please mail the following materials below to Minh Ly-Gordon (address below). Your products will be set-up in advance before the exposition opens.

  • 6 copies of empty packaging for onsite set-up.
  • 1 plated photo on a foam board (size 8×11 or A4).

Please email the following information below to Minh Ly-Gordon once you have completed your entries.

  • Company logo and product photo(s). High resolution 300 dpi, jpeg format.
  • Please include your company name and product name along with your email.

Mailing address and contact information:

Minh Ly-Gordon
Diversified Communications
121 Free St., Portland, ME 04112 – USA

Phone: +1 207-842-5525

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