March 13-15, 2022 | Boston, USA

2020 Conference Program

2020 Seafood Expo North America Conference Program

*Schedule is subject to change. Additional sessions will be added as information becomes available. 


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Limited Conference Passport: $250 (before March 15); $350 

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Day 1
Mar 15 2020
Day 2
Mar 16 2020
Day 3
Mar 17 2020

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Plastics in Seafood Production and Consumption

Plastic is one of the most effective materials on the market for seafood production (fishing and farming gear) and packaging, but it has major drawbacks. It has the potential to...
Michelle Cho
Sheila Hemami
Richard Stavis

Seafood Trends in a Changing Environment

Mark will draw from Datassential's extensive resources to examine trends that are changing the way consumers eat seafood in the U.S. Specifically, he will identify health and wellness, technology, and other...
Mark DiDomenico

Keynote: The Economic Outlook – An Update

*Free and open to all* Chief Economist Dr. Lindsey Piegza will be back for another year to give an update on the pace of our economic recovery and what it...
Lindsey Piegza

Free Sponsored Presentation: Seafood Consumption and Brain Health: What Research Suggests and Seafood Leaders Need to Know

Lunch provided Research suggests consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) including the omega-3’s found in Farmed Salmon can improve brain health. Recent studies have shown that diet can have a...
Dr. Uma Naidoo
James Griffin

Today’s Frozen Seafood and How to Sell it in North America

Fresh reigns supreme in seafood displays across America… should it? Given the protocols surrounding the harvesting and freezing of seafood today as compared to those of 20 years ago, the...
Phil Walsh
Chuck Anderson
Jonathan Deutsch
Pete Pearson
Jon Shirley

Worker Voice in the US and Beyond: Strategies for Change in the Seafood Industry

What role do direct organizing, certification and industry have on addressing social and economic gaps in seafood? This panel helps answer that question and addresses barriers and solutions for 1)...
Rui Bing Zheng
Julie Kuchepatov
Dominique Gautier

Riding the Wave: Global Seafood Financing Finally Gets its Due

Over the past year, one of the most marked changes for the global seafood and aquaculture marketplace is its ever-growing presence in the collective consciousness. A volatile trade environment, booming...
Roy Høiås
Howard Tang

Winning the War for Your Changing International Supply Chain

As you know, the Trump Administration has assessed a 25% extra tariff on products from China to the United States, including a variety of seafood products. China has retaliated with...
Peter Quinter
Fred Rivera

How do we Increase Consumption in the U.S.– Is it Time to Revisit the Idea of a National Seafood Council?

The consumption of seafood in the United States has been held back by perception problems and lack of seafood literacy. Whether it's concern over the environment, the latest seafood safety...
Cliff White
Sebastian Belle
Roger Berkowitz
Megan Davis
Stefanie Moreland

Launch of Seafood MAP: Global Industry Program to Accelerate Sustainable Seafood

Securing healthy food and decent work for an estimated 10 billion people on the planet by 2050 presents new challenges as well as fresh business opportunities. Making seafood more sustainable...
Herman Wisse
Flavio Corsin
Bill DiMento
Judy Panayos
Mike Kraft

Plenary: Seafood Industry and Climate Change: Victim? Hero? Or Both?

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing our planet today. Some of the largest impacts of warming temperatures are seen in the oceans from reduced fish abundance and...
Katy Hladki
Kelly Kryc
Sebastian Belle

Free Sponsored Presentation: Diving 198,000 ft Beneath the Sea! Exploring Safety, Freshness and Market Opportunities for Seafood Products with High Pressure Processing (HPP)

The sea hosts a handful of curiosities in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the ocean at approximately 33,000 ft below sea level. Prior to the 1990’s, few thought...

Free Sponsored Presentation: Sustainably Fed Fish: How New Feed Ingredients are Helping to Assure the Future of Seafood and Reaching Retailers

Light breakfast provided Each year, an estimated 16 million metric tons of wild forage fish—sardines, anchovies and menhaden—are caught for the exclusive purpose of feeding farm-raised fish. With aquaculture now...
Michael Tlusty
Suresh Menon
Karim Kurmaly
Jason Driskill
Clément Ray

FDA and CBP Seafood Compliance and Enforcement

The session will explore what FDA and Customs have accomplished over the prior year and what seafood processors and importers can expect in 2020. Further, speakers will discuss Customs’ increased...
Benjamin England
Domenic Veneziano
Steven Wilson
Troy Petrillo
Jessica Rifkin

Addressing Abandoned, Lost and Discarded Fishing Gear in the Aquaculture Sector

Abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG or "ghost gear") has been recognized over the last few years especially as one of the most harmful forms of marine debris, affecting...
Joel Baziuk
Pingguo He
Marcelo Hidalgo
Christopher Marrie
Darian McBain

Building Lifelong Seafood Consumers

The benefits of seafood for kids are big! Fish and shellfish supply the nutrients, vitamins and omega-3s essential for strong bones, brain development, and healthy heart and immune system. So...
Linda Cornish
Andrea Albersheim
Tom Brenna, PhD
Andrew Gruel
Jason Pride

“Chem-Free” Seafood and other Labeling Myths: A Discussion for Processors, Exporters, Importers and Buyers

Seafood buyers, using price as the only purchasing criteria, can become susceptible to misleading labeling practices and buy seafood that doesn't meet expectations. The panel members will explain the importance...
Mark Bowen
Bill DiMento
Lisa Weddig
Guy Pizzuti

GDST 1.0 – Launching New Traceability Standards to Grow Our Industry

After three years of intensive work by more than five dozen leading seafood supply chain companies, the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability is proud to announce the release of groundbreaking...
David Schorr
Justin Baugh
Carrie Brownstein
Britta Gallus
Bryan Hitchcock
Roxanne Nanninga
Michael McNicholas
Eric Enno Tamm

Global Sustainability Megatrends: Does Seafood Measure Up?

When it comes to addressing global sustainability challenges, how does the collective seafood industry stack up against other industries? These 'megatrends' - climate change, biodiversity and habitat loss, pollution, food...
Brian Perkins
Jack Scott
Eric Whan
Contessa Kellogg-Winters

Free Sponsored Presentation: Blockchain + Seafood: Engage the Market with Data on Provenance and Sustainability

Lunch provided. Blockchain has the potential to transform entire industries. Learn from various innovators in the seafood space about how they are leveraging blockchain to improve supply chains, engage consumers,...
José Antonio Camposano
Alf-Gøran Knutsen

The Global Tuna Alliance: Supporting the Delivery of the World Economic Forum Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration

On June 5th, 2017, 66 companies, including retailers and other tuna supply chain businesses, signed the Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration with the aim of stopping illegal tuna getting to market,...
Tom Pickerell
Robin Teets
Winnie Yeh
Hugo Byrnes

RAS Project Development in the United States

While still small in size compared to major global players, the U.S. aquaculture sector is experiencing growth at all levels, from mom-and-pop sized aquafarms to massive projects such as Atlantic...
Cliff White
Joe Cardenas
James MacKnight
Ohad Maiman
J. Michael Mogollon

Power of Seafood 2020

The Power of Seafood 2020 documents the biggest trends in consumer purchasing and consumption of Seafood items at retail, its opportunity, image, store destination and above all, the ways in...
rick stein
Matt Brooker
Steve Markenson
Guy Pizzuti

Swipe Right – What it Means to Know your Fisherman in 2020

Storytelling sells, and there's no better way to sell seafood than to share the story of who caught it or raised it. Although this isn't a new idea, there are...
Mary Smith
Caitlyn Mayer
Laura Peet
Scott Simpson
Bill Walton

Bringing Fisheries out of the Shadow: EJF’s Charter for Transparency

Our seas and oceans cover 70% of our planet and are a primary source of food protein for some 3.2 billion people around the world. Yet, they are in a...
Steven Trent

Importing Seafood Under New U.S. Marine Mammal Bycatch Requirements

In just over a year, the anticipated U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act Import Provision will come into full force ushering in sweeping changes for all nations exporting fish and fish...
Alexa Cole
Glenn Delaney
Roberta Elias
Nina Young

Stories of Women In Seafood

Women play an increasingly significant role in the seafood industry, yet gender inequality remains a persistent challenge. Women represent over half of the seafood workforce in positions of leadership for...
Sarah Drew
Rosanna Bernadette Contreras
Jennifer Bushman
Sarah Ecolano
Darian McBain

Finding The Next Generation of Seafood Talent

What does the next generation of seafood talent look like? Where will new talent come from? How do we appeal to them? What are the types of jobs that are...
Lilani Dunn
Peter Handy
Aron Levinson
Josephine Theal

Supply Chain Collaboration Catalyzing Change in Aquaculture – Alternative Feed Ingredients Drive Innovation in Seafood Sustainability

The aquaculture industry is at a critical juncture. Supplying nutrient-rich, sustainable seafood to meet increasing consumer demand – with a finite amount of resources – has challenged stakeholders across the...
Jill Kauffman Johnson
Vidar Gundersen
Alf-Gøran Knutsen
Allan LeBlanc
Clément Ray

What’s In Store for Retail Seafood

Steve will provide a detailed overview of proprietary fresh seafood sales performance as reported in the Nielsen database of approximately 18,000 US supermarkets, club stores and mass merchandisers. He will...
Steve Lutz

How Government Can Tackle Illegal Fishing, Safety and Labor Issues in the Supply Chain

Public awareness and outcry over illegal fishing practices and labor abuse on certain fishing fleets has led to increased scrutiny and placed undue burden on seafood supply chains to resolve...
Kristine Beran
Chris Chase
Jen Cole
Bradley Soule
Guillermo Moran

Leading Seafood Traceability Platforms Just Got Interoperable: Find Out How and Why!

Because of interoperability standards, Email senders don't need to ask a recipient what system they use. Why should seafood traceability be any different? With growing consumer demand for authentication and...
Elizabeth Sertl
Thomas Burke
Peter Larkins
Jesse Latham
Eric Enno Tamm

Wild and Farmed….The New Conventional Wisdom

Wild, farmed? Manufactured or brewed? Contrary to the conventional wisdom, this perennial question actually remains unanswered by American consumers. This session will feature results from an unprecedented new insights study...
Penelope Wasserman
Neel Inamdar
Marie Molde
steven petusevsky
Arlin Wasserman

From Scales to Sales – Turning Fish Waste into Profit

If your job places you at the intersection of sustainability and business, you're constantly tasked with the difficult challenge of showing ROI for the work you do. Nowhere is it...
Mary Smith
Steven Finn
John Hanselman
Michael Nelson
Keith Singleton

Setting Corporate Social Responsibility Goals to Match your Company’s Size, Culture and Ambitions

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Is it the heart and soul of a company or a strategy to protect shareholder value? CSR is vital for start-ups seeking financing and publicly...
Helen Packer
Rob Knect
Peter Handy
Luke Holden
Richard Stavis
Darian McBain
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