March 16-18, 2025 | Boston, USA

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Prime Shrimp
Cook-In-Bag Soy Ginger

Retail Product

Prime Shrimp Cook-In-Bag combines 8 ounces of premium peeled, deveined shrimp paired with either 3 ounces of butter-based sauce or a gourmet seasoning. This versatile, easy-to-make protein goes from freezer to plate in less than 10 minutes with no thaw step, no mess, and no stress.

Soy Ginger is the newest addition to Prime Shrimp’s expanding line of cook-in-bag shrimp products designed to get people to eat more shrimp more often with less effort. The rich compound butter combines shallots, soy sauce, fresh ginger, and minced garlic to create a depth of flavor that rivals your favorite local takeout.

Contact:  Grace Dearnley
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Phone:  1-757-951-8789
Booth#  3074

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