March 16-18, 2025 | Boston, USA

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Channel Fish Processing
Caesar Crouton Scallops

Foodservice Product

Your favorite buttery, Italian-herb seasoned flavor profile, is now even more delicious as a crunchy coating for delectable scallops. Whether featuring on top of a simple salad or enjoying a whole order on its own, these Caesar Crouton Scallops elevate the universal appeal of Caesar flavor to a whole new level. Caesar Scallop Croutons can be easily prepared in an oven, air fryer, or deep fryer. A typical 4 oz. serving contains a hearty pile of scallops, making your dish even more memorable for your customers.

Contact:  Rich Morin, Director of R&D 
[email protected] 

Phone:  1-617-464-3366 x 700
Booth#  2859

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