March 16-18, 2025 | Boston, USA

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Caleta Bay
Caleta Bay Algae & Insects

Retail Product

Like in nature, part of this farmed-raised steelhead trout diet ingredients are algae and insects. This helps to reduce the dependency on industrial fishing. (source to get fish oil/meal for feed production).

Cured with just the right balance of sugar and Atacama’s desert salt and smoked the same day of harvest with eco-friendly oak chips from Europe.

This first one, from a line of products, embraces and promotes Caleta Bay’s sustainable initiatives, with a primary focus on Regenerative aquaculture, empowering and educating consumers about the importance of sustainable food through tangible actions, all while having fun.

Contact: Juan Ignacio Pinto
Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 56961908617
Country: Chile
Booth# 2905

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