March 16-18, 2025 | Boston, USA

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Seafood Medley in Seafood Sauce

Retail Product

Aquamar is proud to introduce the first true innovation in refrigerated seafood to come along in decades: our superb Seafood Medley in Seafood Sauce from Italy. Prepared in the tradition of one of the world’s great cuisines, it features a melodious blend of juicy mussels, savory shrimp, and tender baby clams. And they’re deliciously easy to enjoy; just heat and serve! Finally, individuals and families can reap the benefits of savory, nutritious, chef-quality seafood at home or anywhere without the hassles of preparation—part of our broader portfolio of revolutionary heat-and-eat seafood innovation that’s poised to seriously disrupt the category.

Contact:  Daryl Gormley
Email[email protected] 

Phone: 1-647-642-0122 
Country: USA
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