Sophika Kostyniuk

Sophika Kostyniuk

Director, Fisheries & Seafood - Ocean Wise Conservation Association


Sophika drives the Ocean Wise Fisheries and Seafood program which has been guiding the seafood industry and consumers ​to choose sustainably harvested seafood since 2005. With over 3,000 physical locations across 11 countries, the Ocean Wise program is focused on growing into new geographies and diving into fisheries work to create direct positive impacts on the water. 

Sophika is deeply committed to building diverse networks of passionate individuals who share a collective vision of the world in which they want to live. 

With nearly 20 years of experience leading environmental and social justice campaigns throughout the US and Canada, Sophika crafted California's Organic Seafood Labeling bill, SB720, shaped supply chain transformation in the forest sector with Canopy Planet, and secured legislative reform on environmental rights while at the David Suzuki Foundation. 

Sophika feels a great sense of urgency to turn the tide on unsustainable fishing practices, and is convinced that humour and humility are essential components to any transformation.

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