Keynote: The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion

Tony Byers, PhD

Former Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Starbucks
Mar 17 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Keynote: The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion

A properly managed diversity and inclusion program can increase engagement, creativity and business performance. By also learning to leverage diversity and inclusion through best practices, organizations can turn D&I into a powerful business advantage that stimulates innovation and drives marketplace growth.

In this game-changing keynote, Dr. Tony Byers shows you how to create a multiplier effect of inclusion that can increase utilization of talent and resources— more than doubling the capacity of a team to positively impact products and services, build brand image and increase profits and performance.

You’ll learn:

• The eight steps that create a culture of inclusion

• The three most important inclusive behaviors to promote

• How to make the business case for doing D&I well

• How companies have leveraged employee diversity to create new products, engage new customers, and grow revenue

• 10 themes for building senior leader support for D&I programs

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