March 11-13, 2018 | Boston, USA

Conference Program

2018 Seafood Expo North America Conference Program

*Schedule is subject to change. Additional sessions will be added as information becomes available. 


Full Conference Passport: $425 (before March 10); $495.00

Limited Conference Passport: $200 (before March 10); $285.00 

Exhibitors can upgrade their registration to include conference sessions for $75.00 through the Exhibitor Registration page.

Day 1
Mar 11 2018
Day 2
Mar 12 2018
Day 3
Mar 13 2018

Keynote: What Does Globalization 3.0 Look Like? Global Trade In A World of Local Populism

We are about to enter the third phase of globalization. The first took place in the 19th century and crashed on the rocks of World War 2. The second took...
Mark Blyth

Fighting IUU Fishing And Seafood Fraud: Enhancing Traceability And Transparency Through Strengthened Governance Frameworks

Trade activities across seafood value chains are truly global, dynamic and complex in nature. Alongside the rising demand and value of seafood trade, there are also enhanced economic incentives for...

Retail Seafood Merchandising – Best Practices in the USA

The world of seafood is changing and retailers are reacting. Wild fish and shellfish supplies are tighter than ever and securing supply has become more important than cost for many...
Chuck Anderson

Trumping Trade: Enforcement Actions Crossing Federal Agencies (and How to Prepare)

Under the Trump administration we are seeing Customs and other agencies enforcement actions rising due to anti-trade rhetoric and increasing complexities associated with implementation of new regulatory powers and policies...
Benjamin England

We Sell the Truth -The Bold Way to Regain Trust and Loyalty with Your Consumers and Supply Chain Partners

This is a real-time story of those seafood companies, retailers, and restaurants that got serious about connecting their consumers to the sources of their food, how it was harvested and...

Ready for Market – Progress in Southeast Asia Tuna Fisheries

Southeast Asia is a hub for tuna fisheries as well as processing. A continued demand for seafood from the region’s fisheries has impacted the productivity and health of the region’s...
Adam Baske

Russian Seafood Embargo: What Is Next?

In 2014, a trade embargo against Russia went into effect in response to economic sanctions against Moscow over the Ukrainian conflict. This embargo has been extended twice which has substantially...

FMI Seafood Leadership Council Best Practices on Seafood Fraud at Retail

The FMI Seafood Leadership Council, made up of retailers, wholesalers, NGO's and Suppliers collaborated to write a white paper on the best practices to avoid seafood fraud at retail. Every...
Guy Pizzuti

NOAA Update

Information coming soon.

Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions: A Primer

Bring together a panel of financial professionals focusing on the Seafood Industry. Discuss how to prepare companies for an eventual sale, how to target acquisition, how to gain access to...
Ignacio Kleiman

Getting Involved with Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs): How Industry Participation Can Help FIPs Make Progress

This session will educate attendees about the different types of FIPs (NGO-led, industry-led), the path a FIP takes towards sustainability, and why a successful FIP is an important business tactic...
Jesse Marsh

Offshore Aquaculture in the Americas – What works? What’s broke? How do we fix it?

What is happening out there, over the horizon? The answer seems to depend on where you are: in Mexico and Central America, offshore aquaculture is moving forward on a number...
Don Kent
Neil Anthony Sims
Halley Froehlich

Seafood Import Monitoring Program

The Seafood Import Monitoring Program will be enforced as of January 1, 2018. The new Program established permitting, reporting and recordkeeping procedures related to the importation of fish and fish...
Peter Quinter
Robert Becerra

Credible Transparency In The Certification Landscape

In 2018, GSSI will be celebrating five years of operations. This panel will discuss the challenges faced, lessons learned, and progress made in making seafood certification more robust and credible...
Herman Wisse

Hotel and Foodservice Leaders Transforming Global Seafood Supply Chains Toward Sustainability

Multinational hotel chains and their suppliers/distributors face a rather unique challenge when transitioning their supply chains toward more sustainable seafood offerings – decentralized procurement coupled with a vast global footprint....
Nicole Condon
Jim Milkovich
Jocelyn Totty

The Marketing of Aquaculture Through Provenance

Where do you come from? It’s one of the first questions that we ask when we meet someone new. Where you are from makes you….well… YOU! The same is true...
Jennifer Bushman
Eric Wolfinger

The Raw Truth About Sustainable Sushi Sourcing

Long a revered culinary tradition in Japan, sushi is now a global phenomenon. Sushi-focused restaurants can now be found in every corner of the United States and Europe, and most...
Cliff White

Getting Beyond the Stick

In the seafood industry we all know that consumption is still woefully low when compared to other center of the plate proteins. One of the problems is that we are...
Polly Legendre

Seafood HACCP And The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

Seafood is a category that has been strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. But how does FDA’s new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) change things? This panel...
Domenic Veneziano
Shelly Garg

Consumer Expectations vs. Reality Regarding Seafood Traceability

Today's consumer believes they can go to a store, pick up a bag of shrimp, take a snapshot of a QR code and see a photo of the fisherman who...
Richard Stavis

Selecting for Sustainability: How advancing Selective Breeding in Aquaculture Can Meet Future Seafood Demand and Minimize Environmental Impacts

Only 10% of global aquaculture uses selectively bred stocks but these examples provide demonstrable improvements in traits including disease resistance, growth rates, and harvest. With sustainability as our goal; which...
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