6-8 May 2025 | Barcelona, Spain

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How Cross-Sector Collaboration Can Leverage Existing Solutions to Strengthen Supply Chain Assurance and Market Due Diligence

Apr 23 2024

16:15 - 17:15

CC 5.3

Technical, digital, and technological innovations offer new horizons to strengthen seafood market assurance and compliance. Yet the array of tools, their complexity, and interconnected dependencies limit sector-wide adoption. This increases the divide across the global seafood marketplace in who can demonstrate and verify compliance and how. Zooming out from the intricate and ever-expanding web of tools, we believe that sustainable seafood and supply chain assurance can be achieved through the smarter and more creative use of existing tools and data. This panel gathers cross-sector market actors, assurance providers, and organisations engaged in research and government advocacy as well as those that curate, analyse and provide insight to explore each other's experiences, barriers they’ve faced, and where they see the greatest opportunities to drive market-wide adoption of the digital datasets increasingly available to strengthen sustainable seafood assurance. It aims to create a more compatible global seafood marketplace through the power of collaboration and innovative use of solutions already at our fingertips.


Global Fishing Watch

- Seafood Industry Consultant

Marine Stewardship Council

- Senior Manager Supply Chain Innovation

Global Fishing Watch

- Seafood Industry Manager


- Advancement Director

Fishing Industry Association of Papua New Guinea

- Sustainability and CSR Director

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