March 12-14, 2023 | Boston, USA

Michael McNicholas

Michael McNicholas

Managing Director/CEO - Culinary Collaborations LLC


McNicholas is founder and CEO of CCL – considered the top supplier of clean, all-natural, sustainable, and traceable sushi ingredients for large operators across North America. CCL is GFSI certified and MSC/ASC COC certified.

He is credited with the following initiatives  
– Popularized SuperFrozen (-76°F) tuna. Previously unknown in the US, it is now present in more than 2,000 restaurant & retail locations.
– Sushi-At-Home™ – assuredly safe ingredients for home sushi preparation at Whole Foods nationally. 
– American Sashimi™ – program creating sashimi from local fish by teaching fishermen to incorporate Japanese techniques when fishing and handling
– Long a traceability supporter, he worked on the design and execution of the first electronic traceability beta program for a major national retailer in 2009. It was successful and went on to be adopted by that and many other retailers.
Michael is recognized as one of the foremost sushi resource experts in the country. 

– GTA – Global Tuna Alliance – CCL was the first American full member
– SFP – Sustainable Fisheries Partnership –  Global Tuna Supply Chain Roundtable – Working Member 
– GDST – Global Dialog On Seafood Traceability – Secretariat Member / Chairman Hiring Committee
– GMRI – Gulf of Maine Research Institute – Advisor on developing Sashimi Grade Fishing practices

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