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Day 1
Mar 15 2021
Day 2
Mar 16 2021
Day 3
Mar 17 2021
Day 4
Mar 18 2021
Day 5
Mar 19 2021

Food and Flavor Trends: Moving Forward in a Post-COVID World with a Focus on Foodservice

Mark DiDomenico from Datassential, along with a panel of chefs, will explore food and flavor trends both during and post pandemic. The pandemic forced dramatic changes upon the food industry,...
Mark DiDomenico
Chef Jennifer Aranas
Chef Brett Smith
Chef Greg Tomasello

Meeting Changing Customer Needs Through COVID-19: The Success of Direct-to-Consumer

Few if any companies could have anticipated the path that 2020 took. Multi-generational patterns of shopping and consumption were upended when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down communities both by law...
Richard Stavis
Ian Amin
Arron Kallenberg
Rob Knecht
Stephanie Pazzaglia

Sponsored Session: Valuing Connection and Fostering Improvement Through Place-Based Initiatives

Over the past two decades, the environmental sustainability of seafood has been steadily growing in importance. In that time, the development of global certification schemes and commitments from major buyers...

Seafood Success at Retail: How Supermarkets Performed in the Pandemic and Views for 2021

FMI will present data to show how seafood at Supermarkets has performed over the last year. As consumers rushed to stores in March, April, and May and bought protein in...
Rick Stein
Guy Pizzuti
Jason Pride
David Wier

Keynote: Economic Outlook

Chief Economist Dr. Lindsey Piegza will look at the current state of the economy amid the ongoing pandemic and what it means going forward for overall growth, interest rates and...
Lindsey Piegza

Prioritizing Responsible Seafood in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought monumental challenges to the seafood industry. The seafood supply chain has dealt with inconsistent access to product, border shutdowns, travel restrictions and reduction in staff...
Sophika Kostyniuk
Joseph Chiaravalloti
David Lancaster
Shevis Shima
Mary Smith

Sponsored Session: Collaborations Across the Whole Chain to Drive Transformations for Sustainable Aquaculture

This panel presentation will bring together partners seeking to lead a global transformation towards sustainable seafood production and a healthy ocean. Discussion topics will include: - What aspects of sustainability...

Chef Demo: Alaska Seafood

Chef Brunell will use Alaska seafood to create a savory and delicious dish that operators can recreate in their commercial kitchens.

Keynote: The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion

A properly managed diversity and inclusion program can increase engagement, creativity and business performance. By also learning to leverage diversity and inclusion through best practices, organizations can turn D&I into...
Tony Byers, PhD

What Will The Future Hold for the Conscious Seafood Consumer?

Before COVID began to have an impact on the global health of people and economies, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) gained a good understanding of the conscious seafood consumer– or...
Chris Coulter
Marife Casem
Logan Soraci
Kristen Stevens

Sponsored Session: Humane Slaughter – Food for Thought

In 2021, having an ethical harvest set up on your fish farms is not a nice to have. It’s a necessity. Over the last five years fish farms have come...

Sponsored Session: High Pressure Processing (HPP) Revolutionizes Seafood Processing

Prior to the 1990’s, few thought that an equipment emulating a 198,000 ft. sea immersion or 6 times the depth of the Mariana Trench, would disrupt the seafood industry –...

One Year Later: How Remote Audits Are Transforming Seafood Certification

It’s been just over a year since COVID-19 forced seafood certification programs to rethink how audits are conducted. With pandemic-inflicted travel restrictions limiting auditors’ ability to conduct onsite audits of...
Steven Hedlund
Greg Brown
Efrain Calderon
Antonio Hervás
Libby Woodhatch

Seafood2030 Presents: Keynote: Resilience, Innovation, and Transformation: Bouncing Beyond in a Post-Covid World

COVID-19 has been a fire-drill to test the resilience of our systems” according to Eduard Muller, President of the University for International Cooperation. The last year has brought a renewed...
Sarah Hogan
Teresa Ish
Eduard Müller
Per Olsson
Steve Waddell

A Look Back and a Look Forward: NOAA Fisheries Update 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year for the U.S. seafood sector due to the impacts of COVID-19. Fishermen, growers, processors, and the broader seafood sector nationally suffered revenue losses and market...
Kate Naughten
Alexa Cole
Paul Doremus

Sponsored Session: A Scottish journey. Visit the heart of Sustainable Seafood

Come join us on a journey across Scotland! We will to take you on an amazing trip - where you can visit the source of our superb sustainable seafood and...

Chef Demo: Deep-Sea Red Crab

Learn a variety of applications for True North Seafood's deep-sea red crab! Wild-caught and free-from additives, this delicious red crab meat is ready-to-eat and perfect for many eating occasions.

How has COVID-19 Affected Seafood Imports?

Learn what is happening at FDA and how the Agency is managing seafood safety programs during the pandemic. What is changing with the Administration change? What should you expect? How...
Peter Quinter
Benjamin England

Seafood2030 Presents: Progress and Opportunities for an Emerging Sustainable Seafood Movement in Mexico

In this panel we will discuss the opportunities for seafood sustainability in Mexico from the perspective of experts in different fields and sectors: fisheries and aquaculture, export and national markets,...
Citlali Gomez Lepe
Alvaro De Tomas
Bill Hoenig
Pablo Konietzko
Mauricio Orellana

Sponsored Session: DeepChilling: Advanced Seafood Cooling and Preservation for Better Business Results

DeepChilling is an advanced process for cooling and preservation of seafood. DeepChill® provides 3 times faster chilling and maintains seafood at subzero temperature. With DeepChill® integrated into seafood operations, producers...

*All sessions and schedules are subject to change.

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