6-8 May 2025 | Barcelona, Spain

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Rui Gomes Ferreira

Rui is the Founder and CEO of Longline Environment. Longline is an applied technology company providing data driven services for aquaculture risk, governance and environmental intelligence. Longline's mission is to provide cost-effective structural solutions that provide a 10x improvement to governance, risk and environmental pathways by leveraging the sector knowledge to make quick sense of complex real-world problems. Longline operates a number of applied technology platforms such as AquaRisk, AquaScape, and Organix.

AquaRisk is the largest aquaculture risk management platform globally for farming corporates, insurance and finance entities, de-risking USD 750+ million in 16 countries across all commercial species.

AquaScape is an environmental intelligence platform with one of the largest global geo-spatial registries with 5 million production units designed to provide analytics for the aquaculture value chain.

Organix is a leading ecological modelling platform that quantifies farming emissions for public entities, farmers and supply chain stakeholders.


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