6-8 May 2025 | Barcelona, Spain

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Jamie Padilla

For more than 16 years, Jamie has worked with producers and workers of agricultural supply chains to identify and address labor and human rights challenges and risks. 12 of those years being spent campaigning to expand collective bargaining to a largely migrant and undocumented workforce in US agriculture, where enforcement of labor laws is severely lacking but needed. The challenges around building union density in sectors with high levels of precarity and worker vulnerability have led Jamie to explore alternative models to encourage and promote worker voice and agency in the workplace and the supply chain beyond. As a result, Jamie was able to push forward a set of projects that have made a strong business case for robust worker participation systems. Failing to address recruitment fraud and abuse, workplace cultures steeped in fear, and high turnover undermines not just worker morale and well-being, but also business performance. And none of these issues can be adequately addressed absent meaningful worker engagement. Jamie’s work within her role as FishChoice’s Human Rights Transparency Manager presently focuses on the role of Fishery Improvement Projects in addressing labor and human rights risks in seafood supply chains.

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