6-8 May 2025 | Barcelona, Spain

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Cynthia Asaf

Cynthia Asaf serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Pacifical, a pioneering company dedicated to sustainability verification and authentication within Pacific tuna supply chains since 2011. With a laser focus on fostering a sustainable ecosystem, Pacifical meticulously screens sustainably labeled tuna products, leveraging legitimate data to ensure traceability and authenticity.

Initially established in collaboration with nine Pacific Island Nations, safeguarding approximately 30% of the world's tuna catch, Pacifical has played a pivotal role in promoting the sourcing of verified sustainable tuna from the Pacific. Over her 13-year tenure at Pacifical, Cynthia has observed firsthand the profound impact of climate change in the Pacific nations, recognizing the urgent threats posed by rising sea levels and fluctuating ocean temperatures.

In this session, Cynthia will delve into the economic and ecological implications of climate change on Pacific tuna fisheries. Cynthia holds an ALM Master in Liberal Arts Management from Harvard University and a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Sustainability and Innovation. She is originally from Colombia and holds a B.A in International Business from Universidad del Norte.


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