6-8 May 2025 | Barcelona, Spain

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Kira Smiley

Kira Smiley is a professional with experience in the ocean, food system, and climate sectors, offering a strategic perspective grounded in systems thinking, moonshot methodology, and design thinking. Her expertise lies in the intersection of these critical domains, where she applies a multidisciplinary approach to drive innovative solutions. Kira's commitment to sustainable change is evident through her work during her undergraduate and graduate programs and subsequent career, showcasing a dedication to making transformative and impactful contributions in the sustainable food space.

Today, Kira serves as a Senior Program Manager overseeing Business Development at Tidal, a team within Alphabet's moonshot factory (formerly Google[x]), where she is actively engaged in shaping novel technology to reshape the blue economy, with a strong emphasis in the aquaculture space. Tidal was recently recognized as one of TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2023" in the sustainability category, for technology aimed at providing AI-based insights around fish health, growth and environmental metrics.

Prior to her role at Tidal, Kira played a key role in another Alphabet Project, which later transitioned to Google under the title "Food for Good." In this role, she led initiatives to build and launch technologies aimed at improving the lives of millions by addressing food waste through traceability technology. Kira's commitment to sustainability extends beyond her professional roles; she has worked across several accelerators, including around the circular economy and reducing single use plastics, as well as for sustainable aquaculture.

Kira's academic and research background is rooted in her time at Stanford University, where she held various positions, including a Research Assistant at the Freeman Spogli Institute Center on Food Security and the Environment, and program designer for sustainable behavior change with the Solutions Science Lab. She has done work internationally, including at the Finnish Environment Institute in Finland, and Mitsubishi Research Institute’s Energy and Environment Division in Japan. Kira is committed to leveraging her skills to contribute meaningfully to projects aimed at addressing the pressing environmental and food security challenges that impact our world today.


Apr 25 2024

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