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Key Buyer Program

High Volume Business Happens Here

Seafood Expo Asia’s Key Buyer Program attracts high-volume seafood buyers from multi-unit food service and retail establishments. Key buyers receive special privileges, including:

  • access to the exclusive Key Buyer lounge for meetings, internet connection and networking opportunities
  • participation in the Business Matchmaking Program
  • express registration badge pickup
  • eligibility for the Hosted Buyer Program
  • …and more!

Key buyers are automatically qualified through the registration process based on their responses to demographic questions.

Asia’s premium seafood, suppliers and opportunities at your fingertips

Seafood Expo Asia connects you with leading seafood suppliers from around Asia and the world to help meet your specific needs and satisfy Asia’s growing demand. By organizing and providing the key elements of successful business for you, growing YOUR business and sales has never been so achievable.

The right location | Singapore

  • A gateway to Asia – Important business hub for global trade
  • Easily accessible from area hotels
  • World’s busiest shipping hub connected to 600 ports in over 120 countries
  • Singapore Changi Airport, is a leading regional air hub and recognized as one of the best internationally

The right exhibitors

  • Over 300 suppliers exhibited from all around the world at your finger tips

“Overall, it was a great experience. The Expo served as a networking platform for Southeast Asia… Meeting numerous exhibitors and industry professionals in Southeast Asia and Taiwan has significantly enhanced our business in these regions.”

Fresh Produce International Sourcing Partner,

Yonghui Superstores | China

The right business opportunities

Business Matchmaking

As a participant in the key buyer program or hosted buyer program, you can take part in strategic business meetings with qualified seafood companies who have the exact products YOU need! Search through the online matchmaking application to match with the most relevant and capable exhibitors custom-fit to your purchasing goals. Meetings will be held in reserved and private meeting rooms, right next door to the key buyer lounge.

The Product Showcase

The Product Showcase offers companies a chance to present the latest, most innovative products to launch in the Asian seafood market, as well as the most popular current products.

Triển lãm ẩm thực

Các đầu bếp nổi tiếng sẽ trình diễn cách chế biến thủy hải sản cao cấp một cách tinh xảo. Bằng cách tham quan triển lãm ẩm thực, quý vị sẽ hiểu sâu hơn về cách chế biến cá theo nhiều cách khác nhau để mang đến sự tinh tế cho thực đơn của quý vị và tận dụng nhiều sản phẩm nhất có thể, tiết kiệm tiền cho doanh nghiệp của quý vị.

Chương trình Hội nghị Nâng cao

Xác định các cơ hội mới từ các chuyên gia trong ngành trong các phiên thảo luận về cập nhật công nghệ mới nhất, xu hướng của ngành, phát triển thủy sản giá trị gia tăng, phát triển bền vững, v.v.

For more information about the Key Buyer Program, contact [email protected]

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