March 11-13, 2018 | Boston, USA

Steve Trent


Steve Trent


Steve Trent has worked for over 25 years in environmental advocacy, campaigning for the protection of natural resources, the environment and human rights. He has conducted investigations and trained environmental and human rights advocates in over 25 countries including China, India, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam and has managed media campaigns of national and international impact in more than a dozen countries. In his executive roles at the US-based organisation WildAid serving as President and at the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) since 1999, Steve has led both organisations in high-impact campaigns across a wide range of issues from the illegal trade in wildlife parts and damaging chemicals to illegal pirate fishing and human trafficking. Steve co- founded WildAid in 1999 (leaving in 2012) specifically to kill off the demand for endangered species, thereby getting to the root cause of the illegal trade in wildlife, establishing and leading the organisations programmes for over a decade in both China and India.The Environmental Justice Foundation, which Steve co-founded and where he is currently Executive Director, aims to address both environmental abuses and the human rights violations associated with them, focusing primarily on the poorest and most vulnerable.

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