March 12-14, 2023 | Boston, USA

Robert Snyder

Robert Snyder

Culture and Sustainability Officer - Acme Smoked Fish


As Culture and Sustainability Officer at Acme, Rob is responsible for ensuring that the culture at Acme propels the company forward while benefiting people and planet. Rob has dedicated his career to culture and sustainability. For the two decades, he helped communities, organizations, and businesses make progress toward sustainability goals through investments in renewable energy, workforce housing, working waterfronts, and broadband infrastructure. Rob also developed numerous private/non-profit partnerships focused on innovation in the seafood sector. During his eight years as president of Island Institute, he established a shared vision and strategy across the organization in order to scale economic, social, and environmental outcomes for the coast of Maine. These efforts solidified the organization's national and international reputation. As a leader, Rob strives to be a clear communicator, deep listener, a consummate explorer, and someone who seeks understanding. Rob has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology focused on the intersection of community economies, seafood, and ocean policy. Rob used to run, but now jogs. He loves to read and explore new places and lives with his family in Maine.

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