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Penelope Wasserman

Penelope Wasserman

Managing Consultant - Changing Tastes


Penelope Wasserman is a managing consultant at Changing Tastes, where she creates campaigns and strategies to promote social and ecological restoration using food as her medium, as well as integrating multi-sensory awareness and physical alignment to in-person decision making, training and other experiences. She also oversees Changing Taste’s brand strategy and design.

Penelope’s work on aligning consumer understanding and market recognition for fair treatment of workers, as well as for regenerative agriculture and aquaculture, has been integrated into a host of social marketing efforts in addition to her presentation at the Blue Economy plenary of the Business of Conservation Conference of the African Leadership Institute in Rwanda (2019).

Penelope brings her unique background in movement, somatic observation and fracture prevention into meetings and takes the lead integrating safe and simple concepts to facilitate wellness and joy into previously confined business settings. Penelope also teaches workshops for teams and organizations that invite wellness into the corporate environment to offer a sustainability platform for the people who are trying to keep our resources alive.

Some of her recent presentations include podcast interviews for the upcoming summit on “Natural Approaches to Osteoporosis and Bone Health” with Margie Bissinger, which goes live in January 2022, as well as teaching a virtual presentation in her October 2021 reset class to participants from around the world, and both as a guest presenter and contributing editor for Dr. John Neustadt’s of NBI Health’s upcoming book.

Penelope has been a featured presenter at the Meeks Method Annual conferences in Sundance, Utah, and Baltimore, Maryland. Her work in gentle Pilates and scoliosis management has been featured internationally in presentations by Dr. Suzanne Martin, PT, for the Pilates Method Alliance, and on Brett Miller’s “Pilates Intel” website. She presents and teaches on the national and global stage. She also served on the Eli Lilly & Company’s Mobility Advisory Board. She developed the “Million Dollar Bones” and “Internal Alignment Awareness” training programs to teach healthy, safe alignment techniques and prevent osteoporosis related fractures.

She has a B.S. degree from Syracuse University.

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