March 12-14, 2023 | Boston, USA

Paul Doremus

Paul Doremus

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations - NOAA Fisheries


Paul leads NOAA’s strategic initiative to expand US seafood production, primarily through aquaculture. In response to rising global demand for seafood and limited supplies from sustainably-managed wild capture fisheries, he is working across government, industry, and the nonprofit sectors to provide a predictable regulatory environment and a robust infrastructure for US-based aquaculture.

Paul also serves as the Chief Operating Officer for NOAA Fisheries, responsible for the agency’s strategy and performance, budget and finance, policy and communications, IT and facilities, and human resources. He oversees Fisheries’ Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection, the Office of Law Enforcement, and the Office of Aquaculture.

Paul received his Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University, and has over twenty years of experience in Federal science, technology, and environmental policy and management.

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