March 11-13, 2018 | Boston, USA

Michael Rust


Michael Rust


After graduating with a BA in Biology from the University of Colorado, Dr. Rust spent two years in the Peace Corps living in Bohol, Philippines, where he came to understand the impacts that food scarcity can have on aquatic ecosystems and human suffering. Upon returning to the US he earned two Master’s degrees from the University of California at Davis, one in International Agricultural Development and one in Animal Sciences. He worked in Haiti, the Bahamas, Florida and Quebec on various aquaculture projects before moving to Seattle and completing a PhD from the University of Washington, studying fish nutrition. He joined NOAA after completing a post-doc at the Institute of Marine Research in Austavoll, Norway working on larval development of halibut and cod. At NOAA he lead the aquaculture research program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center where his scientific focus was on various aspects of nutrition and fish physiology. During this time, he chaired a joint NOAA/USDA initiative to identify future options to produce feeds for aquaculture and pioneered hatchery technology for numerous marine organisms. Dr. Rust is currently serving as the NOAA Aquaculture Science Advisor in Silver Spring, MD. In his current role, he is interested in the strategy of funding science, the communication of science to non-scientists and how science can best inform policy and decision making. Dr. Rust holds affiliate faculty appointments at the University of Idaho and University of Washington.

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