March 17-19, 2019 | Boston, USA

Workshop: Collaborating on Seafood Traceability

Workshop: Collaborating on Seafood Traceability

Opening Panel: In this session, the seafood traceability collaboration, a collaborative effort of the Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative (OSMI), will present our work and any available tools/outputs that will be available publically at the time of SENA 2018.
The session will begin by introducing a Journey Map, which is a visualization of user experiences over space and time to accomplish a goal. In this case, the journey we will depict is that of a potential buyer seeking traceability solutions. The journey will include progression through different levels of understanding or engagement with technology and highlight the “stuck points” that typically derail a potential customer from making a purchase. Panelists will present the tools and resources currently under development or in use by the collaboration, demonstrating the points on the traceability pathway where OSMI work is helping to strengthen traceability, transparency, and collaboration.
Join us for a discussion on ways to collaboratively support traceability best practices in the seafood sector. We will be highlighting the work of the seafood traceability collaboration, while engaging participants to help identify key stuck points and solutions on the pathway to achieving fully traceable supply chains in the seafood industry.

Breakout Sessions: Participants will be divided into small groups of between 10-12 people, each facilitated by a member of the panel. Individuals will be asked to create journey maps for a seafood traceability project they are working on/company they are working with. Within that journey map, participants will be asked to identify stuck points as well as areas where they see potential for synergy with work being carried out by other organizations.

Report Out: Each individual will then give a brief presentation of their Journey Map to their breakout group. These groups will identify what they see as key issues and stuck points, then each breakout group will report back results to the larger audience.

Session Type: Hands-on training
Session Date: Mar 13 2018 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
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