Boston, USA

GDST 1.0 – Launching New Traceability Standards to Grow Our Industry

David Schorr

Senior Manager, Transparent Seas Project - Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability

Justin Baugh

Director of Sustainability - The Fishin' Company

Carrie Brownstein

Principal Quality Standards Advisor for Seafood - Whole Foods Market

Britta Gallus

Director Programs & Risk Assessment , SCM - METRO AG

Bryan Hitchcock

Executive Director - Institute of Food Technologists

Roxanne Nanninga

Director of Sustainability, North America - Thai Union

Michael McNicholas

Managing Director - Culinary Collaborations LLC

Eric Enno Tamm

CEO - ThisFish Inc.

GDST 1.0 – Launching New Traceability Standards to Grow Our Industry

After three years of intensive work by more than five dozen leading seafood supply chain companies, the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability is proud to announce the release of groundbreaking new standards to support affordable, reliable, and interoperable seafood traceability. This panel of leading GDST member companies will serve as the official launch of GDST 1.0—a ready-to-use framework applicable to companies across the entire seafood supply chain worldwide. These industry-developed, voluntary standards promise to reshape how seafood traceability is done by aligning companies around common data expectations and data-sharing methods. When broadly implemented, they will lower traceability costs, reduce supply chain risks, increase operational efficiency, and strengthen brand reputation. Come see this important launch and learn what GDST 1.0 will mean for you and for the future of the seafood industry.

Session Date: Mar 16 2020 11:45 am – 12:45 pm
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