March 12-14, 2023 | Boston, USA

How Do Millennials Make Their Purchasing Decisions?

Rob Johnson

Founder/President - Blue Bridge Consulting

Luke Holden

Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Luke's Lobster

Richard Stavis

Founder - Stavis Consulting, LLC

Nick Mendoza

Founder & CEO - Neptune Snacks

Robert Snyder

Culture and Sustainability Officer - Acme Smoked Fish

Meghan Russell

Vice President of US Sales and Marketing - Niceland Seafood

How Do Millennials Make Their Purchasing Decisions?

Are you focused on bringing the highest quality seafood to the market at a fair price? That may not be enough. Millennials are the most informed generation of consumers ever. More importantly, they make purchasing decisions based on their value systems. They may have varied priorities; some are focused on seafood sustainability, others on social performance, others on local or wild harvest. What they share is an expectation for honesty, communication and transparency from the companies and individuals who harvest or sell the seafood that they buy. Companies that do not anticipate the need to connect with this customer base won’t be able to catch up later; you can’t create authenticity on the fly. How do you evolve from a traditional seafood company to one that meets the needs of this new generation of consumers? This panel will break down the process of company self-assessment, creation of a values-based mission and vision as well as tips on how to successfully drive resilient change in organizations with established workforces. The moderator, Richard Stavis, will take an active role in this session, outlining both the need and the processes for resilient organizational change. Additional panelists will include industry leaders whose companies are values driven and have been successful in creating digital outreach and consistent messaging to consumers.

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