March 10-12, 2024 | Boston, USA

Enabling Certification for Small Scale Producers: A Cost-Cutting Approach in Fully Traceable Seafood Supply Chains

Mar 12 2023

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM EDT


According to FAO, around 12% and counting of the world population makes its livelihood from seafood. And, small scale producers and coastal communities are more likely to engage in sustainable practices compared to their industrial counterparts. Yet, small scale producers face the most obstacles to reach larger international markets. One such obstacle is the cost of sustainable certification.

The panel discussion titled, “Enabling Certification for Small Scale Producers,” will include representatives of the supply chain where a new model for artisanal certification is being tested, Envisible (a seafood sourcing company) and Cape Fish (a seafood processor), who work with small scale South African fishers in a fully traceable seafood supply chain. The model enables a route to market with lower costs for producers, buyers and consumers. The panelists will speak from experience applying the model in a yellowfin tuna supply chain, and will offer practical steps for producers and buyers to explore the model and traceability in their own supply chains.


Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

- Director of Supply Chain Roundtables

ICV Africa (PTY) LTD

- Managing Director/CEO

Envisible LLC

- Founder and Partner

Topco Associates

- Seafood Category Manager

Global Seafood Alliance


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