March 12-14, 2023 | Boston, USA

Seafood Procurement: Strategies for Success

Chuck Anderson

Vice President - Certified Quality Foods

Kyle Graser


Shawn Oliver

Seafood Category Manager - Giant Eagle

Casey Rutherford

Director of Retail and Foodservice - Patagonia SeaFarms Inc.

Phil Walsh

Vice President of Retail Sales - Legit Fish

Seafood Procurement: Strategies for Success

Seafood is unlike any other protein, particularly in procurement. The right product is neither the most expensive nor the least expensive, but rather the product that will deliver or exceed budgeted profit. Correct procurement makes selling it easy and serving it a pleasure. The conference session will provide seafood novices with the fundamentals of procurement, veteran buyers with the procurement tools, methods and protocols in place today, and the supply community with the immoveable expectations of today’s seafood buyers. Topics will include: How do logistics challenges affect procurement strategies? How does product cost inflation impact buying decisions? Additional topics addressed include wild vs. farmed sourcing strategies, fresh vs. frozen sourcing strategies, paying the right price, timely communications, visiting suppliers, the definition of a good supplier and the importance of integrity.

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