March 15-17, 2020 | Boston, USA

Building Equity into Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

Building Equity into Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

This session will pose three important questions to seafood businesses: have you fully evaluated both the environmental and social impacts of your procurement policies; can you increase your support for small-scale fisheries and the many livelihoods that depend upon them; and can you contribute more to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

There is increasing recognition for the role that small-scale fisheries play in maintaining food security and providing livelihoods, welfare and social protection-safety nets. Around 97% of small-scale fisheries are located in developing countries and around 90% of the associated catches are for direct local consumption, although they also play an important role in commercial capture fisheries value chains. Around 90% of all full-time and part-time fishworkers are employed in the small-scale sector and about half of these workers are women. Small-scale fisheries are often associated with smaller environmental footprints and usually produces less by-catch and discards when compared to industrial fisheries.

There is an evident connection between many small-scale fisheries and the targets under the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A growing number of corporate entities are adhering to the principles contained in the SDGs, which provide a holistic framework, with the vision of eradicating poverty and deprivation, growing economies, protecting the environment, advancing peace and promoting good governance.

This interactive session will inspire critical thinking and discussions on the opportunities that the SDGs provide for responsible businesses to engage with the world’s traditional, small-scale fisheries and the ways that businesses can demonstrating their commitment and contribution to the SDGs.

Session Date: Mar 19 2019 10:00 am – 11:15 am
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