March 11-13, 2018 | Boston, USA

Multiexport Foods
Latitude 45 Smoked Salmon

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Company Name Multiexport Foods
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Multiexport Foods, a leading salmon farming company in Chile, is introducing a new smoked product line under the brand Latitude 45.

Latitude 45 is taking the guess work out of two very important consumer questions, where is my food coming from and is it sustainable?”   Answering these questions in the brand name and on the packaging, is an approach that resonates with consumers.   Latitude 45 is the Authentic Seafood of Patagonia, smoking only fresh Multiexport BAP 4-Star Certified Salmon, within 24-hours of the fish leaving the water.  The salmon is hand-selected especially for smoking with traditional recipes & premium locally sourced ingredients, the results are the highest-quality smoked salmon.  Latitude 45 features both cold smoked and smoke roasted salmon.


Contact: Linda Purkiss

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