March 13-15, 2022 | Boston, USA

Captain Omega™ Cod Pearls

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Company Name Mowi
Stand # 217 & 313

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Meal time is fun with Captain Omega™. A delicious way to make fish fun! The lineup includes Ocean Treasures, Cod Pearls, Fish Fries, Salmon Sliders and Cod Sliders all made from MSC certified wild caught cod and Pollock or responsibly farm-raised Atlantic Salmon. With no artificial preservatives and prep time 15 minutes or less, Captain Omega™ is the perfect mealtime solution. More than that, the hero of the brand, Captain Omega™ himself will be featured in a 2D- animated educational series coming out this April 2020. Learn more at

Contact: Rachael Minieri
Country: United States 


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