March 17-19, 2019 | Boston, USA

ClearWater Tech Ozone Disinfection
CD30nx Ozone Disinfection System

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Company Name ClearWater Tech Ozone Disinfection
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The CD30nx ozone disinfection system, from ClearWater Tech, is designed for clean-in-place and surface disinfection applications for Seafood Processors. Providing superior disinfection, reducing pathogens and
enhancing food safety, quality, freshness, odor control, extended shelf life, and a quick return-on-investment, the CD30nx system can virtually serve all aspects of the seafood industry, from fishing and processing vessels,
to processing plants and grocery stores. Disinfect RSW systems, bilge treatment, ice machines, fresh water tanks, fillet rinse, conveyors, doorway sprayers, hand dips, machine feeds, thawing, floors, walls,drains, boot washers, and produce rinse.


Contact: Juli Watt

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