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Open Blue Launches Ocean Raised Pacific Snapper at Seafood Expo North America

Open Blue is proud to introduce premium Pacific Snapper (Lutjanus Peru) to the Open Blue family of sustainably raised open ocean Finfish species.

The recipient of the 2018 SeaWeb Seafood Champion Award in the Vision Category, the addition of Earth Ocean Farm Pacific Snapper to the Open Blue portfolio continues our mission to advance the mariculture industry by offering our customers premium natural fish raised in the open ocean, far away from sensitive near shore ecosystems.

Pacific Snapper are sustainably raised in the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez in a concession area of ocean off Baja California Sur by Earth Ocean Farms.

“For the first time in the world after many years of research and development, delicious premium Pacific Snapper are now commercially produced under sustainable open ocean aquaculture practices. Year-round availability will help reduce the pressure on wild stocks and will make a difference for distributors and customers that value sustainably and responsibly raised fish” says Pablo Konietzko, Director of Earth Ocean Farms.

Fully traceable, each Pacific Snapper includes a unique QR Code Gill Tag with information about Harvest Date, Permit Number, Harvest Authorization Number and Fish Lot.

Consistent supply offers chef and food service professionals new opportunities for ongoing “center of plate” Snapper menu placement. With a soft, buttery texture, fresh taste, firm consistency and iridescent pink skin, Pacific Snapper is a delicious and healthy sustainable choice for many culinary applications.

Available as Frozen and Fresh HOG with an average size of 1.75 pounds (800 g). 40 Lb Case. 24-25 Fish per Case average.

Fillets will be available in the near future. Pacific Snapper are produced and packed at our Earth Ocean Farm, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Plant AA02661. FDA registration number 12540359858

About Open Blue:

Open Blue is a world leader in raising fish in the open ocean. Open Blue is dedicated to Caring for Ocean and Human Health. Open Blue is based in Panama City with commercial offices in Amsterdam, Ft Lauderdale, Los Angeles and Canada.

About Earth Ocean Farms:

Baja-based Earth Ocean Farms (EOF) is an innovative marine aquaculture company focused on bringing environmentally-sound fish to market using advanced sustainable technologies in offshore fish farming.

Contact Bernard Leger,
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Open Blue
Cell: 902-223-3252

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