March 17-19, 2019 | Boston, USA

Ward Oyster Company

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6578 Jarvis Road
Gloucester , VA 23061
United States
Tel: 804-693-7597
Stand #1613

Ward Oyster Company

Ward Oyster Company is one of the largest on bottom cage aquaculture farms on the East Coast. We are one of the few fully integrated and sustainable farms which spawns their own oysters and grows them to market. We deploy an average of 10 to 12 million oysters per year as well as selling an addition 70 million oysters seed to other farmers. All of this from around 6000 oysters per year. Our biggest attributes are our ability to always fill market orders with a high quality oysters at any time of the year regardless of weather conditions. Our farms location gives our oysters a unique taste. We call our farm oysters the Goldilocks brand of oysters, due to a salinity which is not too salty nor too sweet, but just right. The perfect mix of salt and meat content without the overpowering after taste of high salt. Ward Oyster Company takes great pride in providing a unique quality product at a fair price to it’s customers. Once you try Ward Oyster Company’s oyster you will be convinced. We look forward to filling your aquaculture oyster needs.

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Goldilocks Oysters

Ward Oyster Companies "Goldilocks" brand oyster provides an oyster which is not too sweet, nor too salty but just right. Our oysters while providing a distinct taste of salinity,  are not so salty as to cause an after taste effect. The Goldilocks brand is consistently available year round regardless of weather conditions.

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