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Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd

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283/44 Home Place Office Building
Thonglor 13, Sukhumvit 55 Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana,
Bangkok 10110
Tel: 6621853311
Fax: 6621853317
Email: aW5mb0BzaWFtY2FuYWRpYW4uY29t
Stand #2512

Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd

Siam Canadian were established in Thailand in 1987, we currently maintains offices in Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Argentina and additionally procures product from North America, Europe, Korea, Japan, as well as Bangladesh, where it maintains an associate office. We also operates separate import/distribution companies in China and Thailand and also established Meat Division in Poland.
Our range of products from our diverse geographical locations ensures that our buyers can truly use us as a ‘One Stop Shop’, covering all their needs from multiple sources through a single, highly efficient, user friendly channel. Our business is managed by an International team and is supported by more than 100 expert staff members, the core of which are focused on procurement, quality control, packaging services, logistic support and up to the minute order follow up.
Siam Canadian sells to importers in over 70 countries on 6 continents. Siam Canadian enjoys a global marketplace and a global reputation.

Products & Services


Freedom Coast Raw and Cooked shrimp

Shrimp raw HLSO (plain & marinade flavors)Block & IQFRegular HLSOHLSO EZ PeelCooked shrimp (plain & marinade flavors)Regular CPTO & CPDT-offCooked in shell then peeled & pin pulldeveinedCooked HLSO EZCooked Salad shrimpCooked shrimp platter/ringetcShrimp raw P&DTO & T/OFF (plain &marinade flavors)Block & IQFRegular PDTO/T-offShrimp skewerButterroundButterflyButterfly shell-onetc

Black Tiger Shrimp

Raw HOSO : 31/40 to 80/120 pcs/kgRaw HLSO : 21/25 to 91/110 pcs/lbRaw HLSO EZ : 21/25 to 71/90 pcs/lbRaw P&D/PUD Tail-on : 26/30 to 9 1/110 pcs/kgRaw P&D/PUD Tail-off : 26/30 to 91/110 pcs/kgRaw PTO Butterfly : 26/30 to 71/90 pcs/lbRaw P&D/PUD Tail-on Skewers : 26/30 to 61/70 pcs/lbRaw P&D/PUD Tail-off Skewers :26/30 to 61/70 pcs/lbCP&D Tail-on (CPTO) : 26/30 to 91/120 pcs/lbCP&D Tail-off : 26/30 to 91/120 pcs/lbCPUD Tail-off : 31/40 to 200/300 pcs/lbSushi Ebi : “LL, L, M, S, SS”Cooked HOSO 21/30 to 51/60 pcs/kgCooked HLSO 16/20 to 71/90 pcs/lbCooked HLSO EZ 16/20 to 71/90 pcs/lbShrimp Rings: cooked P&D Tail-on 26/30 to 91/120 pcs/lb Sauce & clear dome or in printed inner box With or w/o sauce Ring sizes 6 oz to 40 ozShrimp Wedges : CP&D Tail-on 41/50 to 71/90 pcs/lb Sauce & clear lid Wedge sizes 3 oz to 4 oz

Seawater Shrimp

Ocean Tiger Raw Headon Shellon (Penaeus Monodon) : 3/4 to 51/60 pcs/kgOcean Tiger Raw Headless Shellon : 4/6 to 71/90 pcs/lbWhite Raw Headless Shellon (Penaeus Indicus, Penaeus Merguiensis) : 13/15 to 71/90 pcs/lbPink Raw Headless Shellon (Metapenaeus Affinis) : 13/15 to 91/110 pcs/lbRaw P&D/PUD Tail-on, Tailoff and Raw PTO Butterfly (Ocean Tiger, White & Pink Shrimp) : 16/20 to 91/110 pcs/lbCat Tiger Raw PUD Tail-off (Parapenaeopsis spp.) : 100/200 to 500/800 pcs/lbCat Tiger Cooked PUD Tail-off : 100/200 to 500/800 pcs/lbCat Tiger Cooked PUD Tail-on : 41/50 to 71/90 pcs/lb


Frozen Squid (Loligo spp.)Whole Round : u/3 & 60/80 pcs/kgWhole Cleaned : u/5 to 81/up pcs/kgTubes & Tentacles : 3/5” to 8/12”Tubes : 10/20 to 81/up pcs/kgRings (Blanched or Raw) : Cut from Tubes size 3-5”Tentacles (Blanched of Raw) : 21/40 to 61/up pcs/kgWhole Clean Cuttlefish (Sepia spp.)Whole Round : u/1 to u/12 pcs/kgWhole Clean Cuttlefish : u/1 to 61/up pcs/kgFillets : 2/4 to 81/up pcs/kgFillets Matsukasa (Blanched or Raw) : 2/4 to 81/up pcs/kgBaby Octopus (Octopus spp.)Whole Cleaned : 5/15 to 81/up pcs/kgInkless & Gutted : 5/15 to 81/up pcs/kgGiant Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris)Whole Eviscerated (Ball or Pin-Wheel packed) : 1/2 to 8/up lbs/pc

Freshwater Fish

Hilsa (Hilsa Ilisha)Whole Round Rohu (Labeo Rohita)Whole RoundWhole Gutted (belly)Whole Gutted (back)FilletSteaks-Block FrozenMrigal (Cirrihirus Mrigala)Whole GuttedWhole Gutted (back) Ayer (Mystus Aor)Whole Gutted Steaks-Block FrozenBoal (Wallago Attu)Whole GuttedSteaks-Block FrozenCatla (Catla Catla)Whole Gutted Steaks-Block FrozenTilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus / Tilapia Nilotica)Whole Round Whole Gutted (Scale On / Scale Off) GGS Whole Cleaned FilletsPangasius / Basa (Pangasius Hypophthalmus / Pangasius Micronemus)Whole GuttedTrunk (Headed Gutted Fin Off)ChunkSteaks Skin On, Bone InFillets Belly Flap On / Belly Flap OffFillets Belly On, Red Meat On (Russian Spec)Fillets Skinless Boneless TrimmedBreaded FilletsSeasoned / Marinated FilletsRollsNuggets, Cubes, BurgersSkewers

Value Added Products

Breaded ShrimpButterfly Clean TailTorpedoRound P&D Tail-offPopcorn Shrimp (All Available in Raw & Pre-Fried Form)Pastry Wrapped & Other Deep Fry ProductsShrimp RollSpring RollSamosaSesame Shrimp ToastCrispy Shrimp BallShrimp Paste on Sugar Cane Stick (All Available in Raw & Pre-fried form. Various other items available upon request.)Marinated ShrimpRaw P&D Tail-on & Tail-offRaw P&D Tail-on & Tail-off SkewersCooked Easy PeelRaw Headless Shellon Butterfly (Lemon Garlic, Garlic Butter, Spicy Cajun, B.B.Q. & various other flavor profiles available)Dim SumHar GaoShrimp Shao MaiSweet Cream BunSeaweed Roll (A wide range of other Dim Sum items are also available.)


Pink Shrimp (Metapenaeus Affinis, Metapenaeus Ensis)Raw P&D / PUDCooked P&D / PUDRed Shrimp(Solenocera Melantho)Raw Headless Shell-onRaw EZ PeelRaw P&D Tail on / offRaw PUDScampi (Metanephros Thompsoni)HOSOHLSORaw P&DCooked P&DVannamei White Shrimp (Penaeus Vannamei)Raw Headon Shell-0n (HOSO)Raw Headless Shell-on (HLSO)Raw EZ PeelRaw P&D Tail on / offRaw PTO ButterfyRaw PUDCooked HOSO, HLSO,EZ PeelCooked P&D Tail on / offCooked PUDShrimp RingsBreadedShrimp SkewersFishAlaska Pollock (Theragra Chalcogramma)PortionSteakFilletArrow Tooth Flounder (Atheresthes Stomias)FilletPortionBlue Whiting (Micromeistius Poutassou)Married FilletChannel Catfish (Ictalurus Punctatus)GuttedFilletPacific Cod / Atlantic Cod (Gadus Macrocephalus, Gadus Morhua)PortionSteakFilletFresh Water Eel (Anguilla Japonica, Anguilla Anguilla)Roasted Head OnRoasted Head OffSea Eel (Astroconger Myriaster)FilletHaddock (Melanogrammus Aeglefinus)FilletHalibut (Paralichthys Olivaceus)FilletPortionHake (Merluccius Hubbsi)Fillet Skin On / SkinlessMackerel (Scomber Japonicus / Scomber Australicus)Whole RoundHGTFilletMonkfish (Lophius Litulon)Tail Skin OnTail SkinlessFilletRed Fish (Ocean Perch) (Sebastes Mentella / Marinus)FilletSalmon (Oncorhynchus Keta / Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha)SteakPortionFilletSilverfish (Neosanlux Tangkahkeii)Whole RoundTilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)Whole RoundGutted & ScaledHeaded and GuttedFilletTurbot (Scophthalmus Maxinus)FilletYellow Croaker (Pseudosciaena Polyactis)Whole RoundYellowfin Sole (Limanda Aspera)FilletPortionCephalopodsOctopus (Octopus Spp)Whole RoundWhole CleanedCookedSquid (Loligo Chinensis, Illex Argentinus, Ommastrephes Pacificus)Whole RoundWhole CleanedRingsTubesTubes & Tentacles (T & T)SteakRollShellfishClam (Meretrix Meretrix, Venerupis Variegata)MeatScallop (Chlamys Farreri, Patinopecten Yessoensis, Argopecten Irradians)Meat, Roe On & OffHalf ShellBlue Mussel (Mytilus Edulis)Half ShellMeatMud Snail (Cipangopalududina Chinensis)MeatOyster (Ostrea Plicatula)WholeMeatMiscellaneousFresh Water Crawfish (Procambarus Clarkii)Cooked-WholeCooked-Tail Meat (fat on / off)Swimming Crab (Charybdis Japonica, Ovalipes Punctantus,Portunus Sanguinolentus)Whole RoundHalves, Quarters (Raw & Cooked)Cooked MeatPasteurized-In cans and vacuum bagsSurimi ProductsImitation Crab SticksFlakesBites

Fin Fish

  • Pangasius
  • Tilapia
  • Mackerel
  • Basa

Other Seafood

  • Squid
  • Octopus
  • Cuttlefish


  • Shrimp
  • Scallops

Value-Added Seafood

  • Value-Added Seafood
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