March 14-16, 2021 | Boston, USA

Nothum Food Processing Systems

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631 South Kansas Ave.
Springfield , MO 65802
United States
Tel: 417-831-2816
Stand #1367

Nothum Food Processing Systems



The SuperFlex is a multi-functional seafood breading machine that can be run in either FlatBed, TripleFlip, HandToss or Drum modes. It only takes 10 minutes to apply each change, from one mode to the next. If that is not enough, the SuperFlex can also apply almost any types of flour, crumb and predust. By decreasing changeover and downtime, the SuperFlex has the quickest ROI of any breading machine in the market.


The VersaCoat is an automatically breading fed system that coats any product. It can run  ABC crumb, Pre-dust, Flour and much more. This seafood breading machine is also hooded for dust control, has no augers and a built in stainless steel blower with variable speed control. 


The BatterPro is an all-in-one batter and tempera system that controls viscosity, mixes, chills and applies. It is a simple tempura batter machine that uses no ammonia, has a plug and play installation and uses horizontal mixers with variable speed mixing. The BatterPro also has a viscosity cup that automatically controls and measures batter or tempera viscosity.

ProTherm HP - Continuous Fryer

The ProTherm industrial fryer has an exceptional oil saving capability. It is known to cut the amount of oil need by other fryers in half. This means lower energy cost and more control over product quantity. Making the ProTherm the quickest oil turnover in the food processing industry.


The PankoPro is a specialty Panko breading machine that's used for true fresh panko. It has the ability to run for several hours without breading breakdown. It is known to apply a variety of coatings: Fresh Panko, Shoe String Potatoes, Corn Flakes, Coconut and much more. 

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