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Mark Foods Inc

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Mark Foods Inc

Since 2002, we have had the privilege to do what we love and do best: provide our clients with some of the highest quality wild-caught and sustainable seafood on the planet.

Products & Services



We proudly offer the world’s best Chilean sea bass, sourced from MSC-certified fisheries.  A favorite amongst chefs everywhere, this flavorful and firm yet tender fish is found at depths of 5,000 feet in the crystal blue, chilly waters of Southern Oceans.  AVAILABLE AS HGT AND FILLET IN A FULL RANGE OF SIZES.


Originating from New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters, these mussels have a visually stunning iridescent green shell, a mild flavor, and a higher meat-to-shell ratio than any other.  Rope cultivated, they are sand and grit free and never contain additives. Watch this video for a detailed look at New Zealand Greenshell mussel farming.


Sourced from the sun-drenched coast of Spain and Morocco, this is the most desired and premium octopus in the world. The warm waters yield a product that has a higher fat content and better yield, making the octopus notably sweet and tender. AVAILABLE IN 2–4 LB. THRU 8 LB. UP.


From the remote, pristine waters off the coast of Alaska, our MSC -certified sablefish, also known as black cod, accumulates far more fat and omega-3 fatty acids than most other fish, giving it a succulent, luxurious taste and velvety texture.  AVAILABLE AS HEADED AND GUTTED, TAIL ON, 5-7 LB. AND 7-UP LB. 


As one of the most prized conch in the Caribbean, our Belize product is once frozen and chemical free.  The Belize Fishers we work with are CITIES compliant and fish legal size conch.  AVAILABLE IN U/7 PER KG THRU 30/40 PER KG


From Indonesia, Prima Star Blue Swimming Crab is as celebrated for its perfect consistency and rich flavor as it is for its sustainability. AVAILABLE IN COLOSSAL, JUMBO, SUPER, REGULAR, SPECIAL AND CLAW MEAT.


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Found in the deep waters off the coast of New Zealand and used by the highest end restaurants in the world, this crustacean contains a white and delicately flavored flesh that is covered by a pale pink shell banded with a reddish orange. AVAILABLE IN U/7 PER KG THRU 30/40 PER KG


Well-loved for their sweet taste and jumbo size, these shrimp from the Atlantic coast of Spain to Mauritania possess a firm texture, succulent meat, and a low-fat content. Frozen on board, they are also known as “Spanish head on Carabineros" because of their bold, bright red shells that maintain their color even when cooked.  HEAD ON SHRIMP U/5 AND U/10 PER POUND

Fin Fish

  • Sole
  • Snapper
  • Sea Bass
  • Sablefish
  • Orange Roughy

Other Seafood

  • Squid
  • Octopus


  • Shrimp
  • Mussels
  • Lobster-Tails
  • Lobster-Spiny
  • Langostinos
  • Crab-King
  • Crab-Blue
  • Conch
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