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Food Process Systems

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Food Process Systems

Products & Services


The FPS Vibratory Conveyor

FPS vibratory conveyors gently convey product along an easy-to-clean, solid stainless steel surface that can't snag, break or harbor bacteria like belted conveyors. We custom test and design to ensure your plant's unique product handling needs are accomplished before the conveyor is built. Good for aligning, spreading, converging, dusting, sifting, dewatering, grading, and reducing human touches.Standard Models include a 40"x44" Spreading Shaker and a 40"x60" Spreading/Aligning Shaker (shown).

The FPS Tumble Breader

Homestyle finish without a drum! The FPS Tumble Breader flips and tumbles your product over a series of steps to create great homestyle results. With no augers, drums or wire belts, this machine epitomizes safe, low-maintenance design.Tilt-up pans and hinged covers provide complete interior cleaning access.Available in Standard and Aligning Models. The FPS Aligning Tumble Breader (shown) features a second, less-aggressive shaker at the discharge to straighten and lane product while also reducing product marriages and fold-overs. Your line is more productive and requires fewer employees to arrange, sort, fix or discard non-standard product.US Patents 9,277,754 and 8,181,592

The FPS Conical Breader

A short 10 feet long, the FPS Conical Breader allows product infeed and outfeed to occur at line height and width. This design feature eliminates the need for space greedy elevating conveyors and spreading shakers, shortening your line for greater efficiency and flexibility. The breader fills with as few as three bags of breading which is recycled using the patented FPS bias plane recycle conveyor. This augerless recycler recirculates the widest variety of coatings, without crushing, to create consistent, excellent coverage with less waste. And since the unit has no augers and no hydraulics, the FPS Conical Breader truly simplifies sanitation and maintenance.US Patents 9,277,754 and 9,370,197

The FPS Vibratory Batter Applicator

It's simple: Wire belts break; solid stainless steel doesn't. The FPS Vibratory Batter Applicator eliminates costly instances of downtime and foreign-object contamination so prevalent with traditional wire-belt models.Vibratory action spreads product, resulting in better product coverage with fewer human touches. Transport pans are removable and customizable to achieve your specific product needs. Open-frame, ready-to-eat design eliminates hollow areas and other bacterial penetration points. Solid stainless-steel surfaces, removable pans, and wash-down motors make scrub-down and high-pressure sanitation easy.Your choice of pump and discharge length. Can be fitted with insulated jacket.US Patent Pending

The FPS Compact Linear Breader

With its unique, patented, augerless recycle system, the FPS Compact Breader not only enhances operator safety, but reduces breading waste and applies the widest variety of coatings from delicate Panko to bulky shoestring potatoes.The Compact Breader requires only four feet of line length, creating room for additional coating passes and varied line configurations.The unit's heavy stainless steel RTE design, featuring covers that open to provide full internal access, makes cleaning easy. The standard model uses five variable-speed AC drives, wash-down-rated stainless steel gearboxes, an adjustible product agitator at the outfeed to remove excess breading and one compression roller and air knife.US Patents 9,277,754 and 9,635,880

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