March 14-16, 2021 | Boston, USA

Best Seafood Inc.

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1506 Providence Highway, Unit 28
Norwood , MA 02067
United States
Tel: 781-762-8862
Fax: 781-762-9862
Email: aW5mb0BiZXN0c2VhZm9vZGluYy5jb20=
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Best Seafood Inc.

Best Seafood Incorporated is a thriving seafood supply company experienced in all aspects of the seafood industry.
Our core products are Cod, Salmon, Haddock, Ocean Perch, Pollock, Flounder, Yellow Fin Sole, Saithe, and Greenland Halibut for Foodservice and Retail, as well as Breaded and Battered Products, with our main emphasis on wild caught seafood from Alaska . Proudly staffed by highly skilled seafood processors, we are both US FDA and EU approved.
In maintaining a consistent and quality product supply, we help to grow our customers business by building the confidence of their clients. Their satisfaction is our growth opportunity so we guarantee tremendous service, product and price.
We hold inventory on both the East & West Coasts and pride ourselves on supplying the best quality natural seafood with the most competitive prices.

Products & Services


Atlantic & Pacific Cod

Cod Fillet / Portion / Loin    Latin Name: Gadus morhua or Gadus macrocephalus   Specification: Skin-on/Skinless, Longline/Trawl, MSC   Packing: Bulk, IVP, IWP, retail pouch.    

Pink & Chum & Sockeye Salmon

Pink & Chum & Sockeye Salmon Fillet / PortionLatin Name: Oncorhynchus gorbuscha / Oncorhynchus keta / Oncorhynchus nerkaSpecification:13+, Skin on or Skinless, Boneless, PBOPacking: IQF, Bulk, IVP, IWP, retail pouch.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon Fillet / Portion    Latin Name: Salmo salar   Specification:23+, Boneless, PBO   Packing: IQF, Bulk, IVP, IWP, retail pouch.   


Haddock Fillet / Portion / LoinLatin Name: Melanogrammus aeglefinusSpecification: Skin-on/Skinless, longline / trawl, all MSCPacking: IQF, bulk, retail pouch. 

Ocean Perch

Atlantic Ocean Perch FilletLatin Name: Sebastes marinus / Sebastes mentellaSpecification: Skin-on/Skinless, BonelessPacking: IQF, bulk, retail pouch.

Alaska Pollock

Alaska Pollock Fillet / Portion / Loin   Latin Name: Theragra chalcogramma   Specification: Skinless, boneless   Packing: IQF, bulk, block, retail pouch.   

Light Salted Seafood

Light Salted Cod / Saithe /PollockPacking: IQF, bulk, retail pouch. 

Dried Salted Cod

Dried Salted Cod Migas / FilletLatin Name: Gadus morhua / Gadus macrocephalusSpecification: Skinless, BonelessMoisture: 48%-50% or 50%-52% or 52%-54%Packing: 2x5kgs,1x10kgs Retail: 400g Tray or 500g Tray,1kgx10

Seafood Pouched

Seafood Pouched for retail The Healthy Powers of Seafood with NO Additives or Preservatives. Our Wild Caught Seafood is the quality difference your customers will appreciate. Cod/Haddock/Salmon/Ocean Perch/Flounder

Fin Fish

  • Sole
  • Salmon - Pacific
  • Salmon - Atlantic
  • Saithe - Atlantic
  • Redfish
  • Pollock
  • Perch
  • Halibut
  • Haddock
  • Flounder
  • Cod

Value-Added Seafood

  • Seafood-Smoked
  • Seafood-Salted
  • Seafood-Pouched
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