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Vitsab International AB will exhibit at SENA/SPNA 2020 in Booth # 1980

February 19, 2020

 February 19, 2020, Winslow, ME – Jeff Desrosiers, Executive Vice President, announced today Vitsab is exhibiting at Seafood Expo/Seafood Processing North America in Boston, MA USA in booth #1980 from March 15-17, 2020. Vitsab International AB is a well-known research and development company that works with global regulators, governments, and industry to engineer Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) labels aligned with regulations or specific temperature monitoring needs. These Freshtag™ TTI labels have an adjustable formulation, allowing them to be calibrated to a variety of time/temperature relationships, e.g. to bacterial growth predictions of pathogens in food products.

“It is important for Vitsab to be aligned with regulators focused on consumer safety when it comes to perishable products” said Jeff Desrosiers, Vitsab’s Executive VP. “For example, with our food source changing from local, to regional, to national, and now global; there is a much greater need for monitoring time/temperature as a way of validating consumer safety and product quality. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about their food source and its traceability, plus they are also looking for proof of proper handling from the source to their plate. There is a growing trend for direct to home deliveries of perishable food, resulting in an increased concern for “The Last Mile”. Freshtag™ answers this concern. These direct deliveries of perishable food items are posing a whole new set of challenges for distributors and regulators alike. Therefore, we are excited to reveal our research on Freshtag’s™ use and our ability to monitor time/temperature as it relates to consumer safety and freshness across all perishable products” explained Jeff. “For the first time anywhere, we have a “Try Me Station” so you can not only see how Freshtags™ are shipped, you can activate and use your own Freshtag™ in Booth #1980 at the show and take it with you and see our exclusive “Stop Light” technology change color.”

Vitsab will not only showcase many Freshtag™ TTI formulations for fresh seafood, but they will also introduce their catering formulation for multiple perishable items in one package. Vitsab’s solutions are accepted by government regulators in the United States, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Japan to name a few. Vitsab’s catering formulation may be used to satisfy World Food Safety Guidelines for Catering, Codex Alimentarius HACCP, Quality Management System Requirements, FDA food safety code, and European Union Food Law.

Please reach out to Jeff with any questions: jeff.desrosiers@vitsab.com or +1 (207) 210-1753

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