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St. James Smokehouse creates ‘haute cusine’ smoked salmon

St. James Smokehouse® is one of the world’s few remaining family-owned salmon smokehouses – born from a passion for perfection and true authenticity. With two BRC “AA” accredited facilities in Scotland and now with a new state-of-the-art BRC “AA” certified smokehouse in Miami, St. James Smokehouse® is focusing on building their premium quality brands globally.

Their new contemporary brand SAINT® PURE SALMON, smoked with Florida orange & grapefruit, is hand-crafted in Miami and joins the family alongside the award-winning Scotch Reserve® and Nordic Reserve® retail products.

Using their expertise and heritage, St. James Smokehouse set out to create a product that stands as a symbol for the new generation of smoked salmon buyers and consumers. They wanted to produce something that tasted special, looked special, but wasn’t only reserved for special occasions.

Sourcing only ASC certified fresh (never frozen) salmon, high in protein and heart-healthy Omega 3 oils, SAINT® PURE SALMON is hand-cured with only sea salt & brown sugar and gently smoked using locally sourced, re-claimed orange & grapefruit woods from Florida citrus growers. The use of these citrus woods characterizes the salmon with a light fruity smoke and the vertical sashimi-style cut offers an unconventional yet perfect bite-size slice.

SAINT® PURE SALMON is creative ‘haute cuisine’ – an artful and elaborate product that encapsulates premium quality and innovation. The stylish, contemporary, eye-catching packaging is a fusion of “food meets art” and makes a statement amongst the more traditional offerings on the market. The brand appeals to the aspirational, educated, food savvy shopper who is looking for an affordable luxury item and enjoys the best possible value for money.

SAINT® PURE SALMON is non GMO and free of growth hormones, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It is currently available in 4oz and 8oz varieties and

St. James Smokehouse® is already expanding the line by adding more unique smoke profiles to the brand.


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