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Pangea Shellfish Company Announces Oyster Farm Partnership

Boston, MA: Pangea Shellfish Company, a Boston-based shellfish wholesaler, has partnered with David Cranshaw of Barnstable, MA to launch Blish Point Oyster Farm. The partnership was an opportunity for the company to work with a shellfish industry veteran and vertically integrate further. Overseeing farm production allows the wholesaler to better secure and manage supply in a seasonal business. This will be the company’s second oyster farm in addition to its Standish Shore Oyster Farm in Duxbury, MA.

“It was a great opportunity to partner with a grower who has such integrity. Dave was already producing a high-quality oyster, but by partnering, we are taking the farm to the next level,” says Ben Lloyd, Owner and President of Pangea Shellfish Company.

The Blish Point Oyster Farm currently produces Blish Point Oysters and Salten Rock Oysters. Both are available through Pangea Shellfish Company. Blish Points are cocktail-size oysters with rippled shells, clean brine, and sweet, silky textures. Salten Rock Oysters are select-size versions with deeper cups, creamier flavors, and sweet lingering notes of seaweed. The oysters are first grown in bags, then moved to trays for their final growout. They are naturally tumbled by Barnstable’s constant wave action, which makes them clean and consistent.

“The fast currents in Barnstable supply a huge amount of food, helping the Blish Points and Salten Rocks stay fatter than your average oyster in any given season,” says Lloyd. “I’m excited to fine tune our growing techniques and continue improving the quality of an already great product. We have an awesome crew, and the care they put into the growth and cull is nothing short of complete dedication.”

Lloyd and Cranshaw will be at Booth 2981 at the 2019 Seafood Expo North America to showcase the farm’s oysters.

About Pangea Shellfish Company: Pangea Shellfish Company is a Boston-based shellfish wholesaler recognized for its wide selection of oysters. The company carries over 100 oyster varieties throughout the year in addition to its full line of fresh shellfish products. It operates Standish Shore Oyster Farm in Duxbury, MA and Blish Point Oyster Farm in Barnstable, MA. For more information, visit


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