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Meritech Introduces its Newest Boot & Footwear Hygiene Product — The XBW Soles Only Fully Automated, High Throughput Sanitizing System for Food Production

GOLDEN, CO – Meritech has designed and developed the XBW Soles Only high-throughput, fully-automated boot/shoe sanitizing system for use in food production and other critical environments where fast, but always effective, footwear hygiene is critical.

Door foaming systems and rubber pans are ineffective and can even become dangerous vectors for the spread of pathogens because of insufficient sanitizer PPM and inconsistent contact time. These products not only create a false sense of security regarding footwear hygiene, but they are also expensive to operate and can be labor-intensive.  Meritech developed the XBW Soles Only to address these issues and provide food producers with a highly-effective, fully automated product that insures the soles of a wide variety of footwear get adequate contact time in a sanitizing chemical maintained at all times at the recommended 800+ PPM for proper “kill” level.

The XFA Automated Footwear Hygiene System is easy to install, simple to operate, requires very little oversight, but always insures consistent and effective sanitizer contact time on boots, as well as laced shoes. The system has an easy 3-minute fill and prime at the beginning of each shift; is automatically recharged at intervals dependent on usage, and is easy to clean and maintain.  The XFA is also available with options that will reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates on the floor.

The XBW Soles Only Footwear Hygiene System is the newest addition to Meritech’s line of boot and shoe hygiene solutions. All of Meritech’s footwear hygiene products are fully-automated, easy and safe to use, and easy to clean and maintain. And, like all Meritech products, the equipment is manufactured in Golden, Colorado and is backed by an industry best 5-year Parts & Labor Warranty, plus 2 complimentary visits annually for Calibration and Certification. Meritech ensures that your equipment is always effective by delivering best-in-class, proprietary chemicals and providing no charge, on-site scheduled calibration by our team of Service Engineers.

About Meritech
Meritech offers a complete line of NSF certified, fully-automated handwashing, boot scrubbing, and footwear hygiene equipment that provides the only technology-based approach to employee hygiene in the world. Meritech helps companies with their employee hygiene, bioburden control, and infection prevention programs in a wide variety of markets, including food production, cleanroom, food service and retail, theme parks, and cruise lines. For more information visit or call 800-932-7707.

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