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Handwashing and Footwear Sanitizing Combined Employee Hygiene System for Pathogen Control

CleanTech Fully Automated Handwashing System with Integrated Fully Automated Footwear Sanitizing Pan

GOLDEN, CO — For over 20 years, Meritech has been serving the needs of companies serious about food safety and the role of employee hygiene. The Cleanteach fully-automated handwashing and footwear sanitizing systems, provide the only technology-based approach to employee hygiene in the world and includes simultaneous footwear sanitizing.

Employee footwear is often the vector for listeria and salmonella outbreaks and other pathogens to enter facility clean zones.  Effective, efficient footwear sanitizing, especially when combined with simultaneous handwashing, can reduce or eliminate these risks. Meritech’s fully automated handwasher combined with a fully automated footwear sanitizing pan cleans hands and sanitize shoes, boots or any footwear in 12 seconds — controlling risks, improving employee hygiene GMPs, saving time and saving money by getting employees back to work faster.

All CleanTech automated handwashing systems deliver a consistent 12-second wash and rinse cycle, removing 99.98% of dangerous pathogens from hands. Meritech products use 75% less water, require less soap/sanitizer, and reduce discharge waste, compared to equivalent manual handwashing.

During every hand wash cycle, the footwear sanitizing pan technology enabled systems recharge the automated boot sanitizing pan with fresh sanitizing chemicals that guarantees sanitizing pans are constantly maintained at FDA recommended PPM levels between 800-1000 PPM.  Controlled, consistent, highly effective without any manual intervention required. All Meritech equipment include a full 5 year warranty and made in the U.S.A.

About Meritech
Meritech offers a complete line of NSF certified, fully-automated handwashing and boot scrubbing machines that provide the only technology-based approach to employee hygiene in the world.  Meritech’s CleanTech Handwashing systems perform a fully-automated 12-second hand wash, sanitize and rinse cycle, removing 99.98% of dangerous pathogens. Meritech helps companies with their employee hygiene and infection prevention programs in a wide variety of markets, including food production, restaurants, cleanroom manufacturing, theme parks and cruise lines. Meritech’s new line of boot scrubbing and sanitizing machines were developed to address the need for more effective boot scrubbing programs in the most demanding food production environments.

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