Sponsored Session: Valuing Connection and Fostering Improvement Through Place-Based Initiatives

Corey Peet


Rosanna Contreras

Executive Director - SOCSKSARGEN Federation of Fishing & Allied Industries, Inc.

James Dien Bui

Founder & Managing Partner - Lotus Impact

Nemo Glassman

Sea Tech Trading - Japan

Jen Jasinski

Owner/Proprietor - Crafted Concepts

Masayuki Yamada

Uoriki Seafood - Japan

Helene York


Harry Yuli

Pt. Atina

Sponsored Session: Valuing Connection and Fostering Improvement Through Place-Based Initiatives

Over the past two decades, the environmental sustainability of seafood has been steadily growing in importance. In that time, the development of global certification schemes and commitments from major buyers to drive change in the seafood industry have been a central focus. While numerous fisheries and aquaculture products carry ecolabels as a result of this work, the vast majority of seafood still remains untouched by certification. There is a need and an opportunity to develop additional ways to promote improvements in order to allow programs for small-scale producers as well as place-based sustainability initiatives to gain traction.

Postelsia is a company that builds innovative solutions for seafood sustainability with a particular emphasis on prioritizing the voice of stakeholders in their development. Postelsia was recently acquired by Where Food Comes From, a Colorado-based company that offers a wide array of verification and certification services to help food producers, brands and consumers differentiate certain attributes and production methods in the marketplace. With the support of its new parent company, Postelsia unveils a new approach to improvement work in the sustainable seafood space that seeks to build upon the solutions created by the NGO community. The program will include a broader, multidimensional definition of sustainability with a focus on fostering measurable improvements with environmental (incl. climate), social (incl. gender), and traceability metrics. Postelsia aims to help tell the unique stories of producers, which we believe adds value to many seafood products and provides buyers with a greater diversity of options as they create and execute on their sustainability commitments.

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