Sponsored Session: High Pressure Processing (HPP) Revolutionizes Seafood Processing

Vinicio Serment-Moreno

Applications Specialist - Hiperbaric
Mar 17 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sponsored Session: High Pressure Processing (HPP) Revolutionizes Seafood Processing

Prior to the 1990’s, few thought that an equipment emulating a 198,000 ft. sea immersion or 6 times the depth of the Mariana Trench, would disrupt the seafood industry – until High Pressure Processing (HPP) was introduced. HPP is a non-thermal technology that eliminates common seafood pathogens like Vibrio spp. or Listeria spp., among others, and slows down the growth of spoilage microorganisms. The use of cold water to generate pressure minimally alters the sensory and nutritional properties of seafood, aiding in the development of clean label products. The versatility of the technology allows processors to seamlessly adapt HPP in the production lines of fresh or pre-cooked products. HPP is also used to shuck oysters, lobster, crab, mussels, clams, and scallops to recover up to 100% of edible meat, as high pressure loosens the muscle attaching meat to the shell. All in all, high pressure processing aids seafood manufacturers to find the adequate balance between safety, quality, processing efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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