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Messer is your trusted source of cryogenic freezers, chillers and gases to maximize seafood freshness, quality and food safety. Messer plays a pioneering role in the food industry to satisfy new markets and trends for freshness, quality and convenience. As a leader in industrial gases and gas technologies, Messer is innovative and agile and is continuously developing solutions for processors to meet both existing and emerging needs. Our freezers will instantly crust freeze your shrimp and crawfish to preserve moisture, shape and quality. Messer’s chilling systems will pack your catfish in a blanket of CO2 snow, and our spiral and tunnel freezers will seal the flavor into everything from lobsters to oysters to fish sticks. Growing fish? To meet the rising global demand for fish and seafood-producers need the ability to control and supplement the oxygen level in their water. Farm more fish faster with Messer’s FARMOX™ oxygenation solutions.

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