25-27 April 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

Justine Delettre

Justine Delettre

Mr.Goodfish project manager - Nausicaá, National sea center


In charge of the Mr.Goodfish programme for France, I work both on recommendations we issue for fishing and aquaculture, but also on the development of our partners’s network. We work with professionals from the whole seafood industry, and it is on them we rely daily to raise public awareness of their responsible consumption.  Passionate about  marine environment, the question of my academic and professional orientation was evident. I did my internship with the Mr.Goodfish team, and then, once I graduated with a master's degree in marine biology in 2013, I was recruited as a project manager for the program. After having fully integrated the Mr.Goodfish philosophy, I started working on the specifications for aquaculture. The work on the programme is a perpetual renewal because of the methodology of elaboration of our lists. It is important for us to update our data on a regular basis and this is what I like and motivates me.

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