25-27 April 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

Irene Kranendonk

Irene Kranendonk

Impact Manager - Fish Tales


Irene Kranendonk is Impact Manager at Fish Tales and board member of the Fish Tales Foundation. At Fish Tales we love seafood so much we want everyone to be able to enjoy it forever. That’s why we only work with fishing communities who fish with respect for the ocean. Be telling their stories we provide everyone with an unique insight into the life of the fishermen their community and most importantly where the seafood comes from. This transparent approach is at the core of Fish Tales work.My role as Impact Manager is to lead projects and activities that are focussed on expanding and deepening our positive impact on the fisheries we work with. Such as our Fair Trade US program in Bitung North Sulawesi. With the Fish Tales Foundation we run various projects around the world that contribute to making small-scale fisheries and fish farms more sustainable and we create market access for their sustainable and delicious products.

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