25-27 April 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

Douglas Gayeton

Douglas Gayeton

Co-Founder - The Lexicon


Douglas Gayeton, Chief Lexicographer and Co-founder of The Lexicon, is an award-winning information architect, filmmaker, photographer, and writer who has created work at the boundaries of traditional and converging media since the early 90’s. He directed the KNOW YOUR FOOD series for PBS and GROWING ORGANIC for USDA, and has authored two books, SLOW: Life in a Tuscan Town, and LOCAL: The New Face of Food & Farming in America.  His NGO, The Lexicon, creates open sourced tools and builds cooperative networks that inform and increase transparency, deepen knowledge and provide connections for people working on solutions across our food systems. The NGO has been in business since 2009 and a registered 501(c)(3) since 2016.   The organization believes that consumers have the power to fix our food system and combat climate change; if they have the right information to align their purchases with their values, they can build the world they want to see.  To support this vision, the Lexicon leads a number of highly-targeted initiatives, including Green Brown Blue, an invitation-only accelerator program that mobilizes entire sectors of the food space—including food companies, scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs, ranchers, activists, and academics—to collaborate on solutions to our food systems' greatest challenges. Focus areas include agrobiodiversity, regenerative agriculture, aquaculture, and alternate proteins.  Of the last six initiatives produced by Green Brown Blue, two have become non-profits, two have become programs of existing NGOs, and the final two have become programs at the UN's FAO.

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